We've been known to organize a get-together or two. We aim to provide live music, food events, pop-up shops, and plenty more. We'll do our best to keep this as up to date as possible.

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Upcoming music + Events

2.17 Bellhoss 🎵 

2.24 Bluebook 🎵

3.3 Jennifer Jane Niceley 🎵 

3.4 Brianna Straut (Winter residency) 🎵

3.10 The Milk Blossoms 🎵

3.17 Andy Palmer  🎵 

3.24 Brianna Straut 🎵 

4.7 David Burchfield 🎵

4.21 The Dollhouse Thieves 🎵 

4.28 Megan Burtt 🎵 

5.12 Mike McGraw 🎵 

6.9 New Mexican 🎵 


The Way Back - BBQ feast

The Hydes  🎵

Feral Mountain Co Pop Up

Wanderer Taos Pop Up

High Noon in Silver Plume featuring High West Distillery

Long I Pie

Poet's Row  🎵

Ruby Fruit  🎵

Lilian   🎵

Bison Bone  🎵

The Regional Heads West

Prairie Spirits Negroni Party

Botanicals Festival

Breaking Bread - Trakal

Call To Arms Beer Tasting

Hygge Life Dinner

Brianna Straut 🎵